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In this section, we want to inform you about the existing Portuguese legislation and facilitate access to the Local Short Term Rentals Law.

HomeAway recommends that owners take the necessary steps to legalize their business and thus be able to rent with greater ease and in accordance with the law. The process is completely Free!

It intends to offer more guarantees for tourists, give more credibility to this modality and avoid sanctions.

Decree-Law no. 128/2014, from August 29th, establishes new conditions for local short term rentals, among which, the main condition requires registration of the establishment through a simple prior communication through the Electronic One-Stop System (Balcão Único Electrónico), addressed to the relevant Mayor

We share with you the direct access link for immediate registration of your accommodation through the One-Stop System:

      Activity Registration form

When you register, you will receive a registration number that you must indicate in the listing published on the HomeAway Portal.

If you choose to register with the City Council in person, you must submit this completed form at:


Local short term rentals must comply with the following conditions in order to be registered:

Maximum capacity:

General requirements:


Previous notice:

Identification and advertising:

Identification plate:

Complaints book:

Important information: according to Portuguese law, operation as "local short term rental" of establishments that have requirements to be considered tourist enterprises is prohibited (hotel establishments, tourist apartments, tourist villages, tourist complexes, tourism enterprises in rural areas, tourist housing enterprises, campsites).

In addition, any accommodation unit integrated in a tourist development, even with several owners, cannot be operated either as a local short term rental or directly by its owners, and its tourist operation is always the responsibility of the entity responsible for the operation of the tourist enterprise.

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If you would like further clarification or support in the process of registering your local short term rental establishment, HomeAway recommends that you contact AHRESP (Associação da Hotelaria e Restauração e Similares de Portugal).

AHRESP, a centenary public utility institution, represents the great majority of the economic sectors with activity in the Tourism industry. Among the 25 thousand associated companies, it currently has about 500 national establishments in the Accommodation sector.

The weight and influence of AHRESP are the result of the strength of its Associates, and it is for these associated that the Association works daily, in the defense of the Sector, from Collective Procurement, Legislation and Taxation to Tourism Promotion, among others, in addition to all the specialized services it provides. Affiliated companies of the Accommodation sector compose AHRESP's Tourism and Local Accommodation Group, and enjoy all the benefits and rights provided by by-laws.

In addition to these services, affiliated companies also benefit from access to various products and services, under very advantageous conditions, in particular through AHRESP partners, which are companies that operate in areas that are relevant to the Sector.

Services offered by AHRESP:

The legal Framework applied to the Autonomous Region of Azores is an adaptation of the Decree-law n.º 128/2014, which regulates the activity at a national level and can be accessed here.

Note: The HomeAway Portal shall not be held accountable if the regulation included in this section is not the most recent version.


Last update: December 23rd, 2016